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To connect industry and academia together in order to move ideas forward.

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Why join OBR?
Benefits to industrial experts:

  • Instantly connect with our vast global member network of 25,000 academics and industrialists.
  • Gain access to young entrepreneurs across the world’s leading biotech hubs, establish dialogues and source new innovation at the bleeding edge of the industry.
  • Fill your vacancies with elite candidates hand-picked from world-leading academic institutions by advertising on OBR's Golgi platform.
  • Commission teams of elite academics to provide fresh insight and unrivalled innovation on consulting projects in strategy, landscaping and more.
  •  Give back to the ecosystem by empowering and inspiring academics to give rise to subsequent generations of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Benefits to academics:

  • Stay informed about the state-of-the-art trends and developments in the life sciences sector via the Roundtable Review, and hear first-hand from the trailblazers responsible for sculpting these changes at our workshops and panel discussions.
  • Participate in high-impact strategy consulting projects with our clients at the forefront of the industry - including top-10 pharma companies, elite academic institutions and leading government bodies.
  • Meet, network and share your ideas with our industry partners at one of the dozens of free events we hold every year.
  • Access unique entrepreneurship opportunities, designed to help you gain exposure for your healthcare startup and move your ideas forward. 
  • Kickstart your career in scientific journalism (and build incredible connections for the future) by taking advantage of one of the fantastic writing opportunities available at the Roundtable Review.

Dan Perez Founder & CEO
Daniel's passion for founding the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable was borne from his frustration at poor academic - industry ties. His thesis has been that by bringing together academic innovation with industry resources and experience more products would make it to market, benefiting patients. Aside from founding OBR, Daniel also founded Hinge Health with the mission to improve outcomes and reduce costs in osteoarthritis by transforming the patient experience. Daniel is originally from Miami, and is currently on leave from his PhD at the University of Oxford where he was in the Medical Sciences Division.

In his free time Daniel enjoys basketball, politics and exploring London.
Jess Sutcliffe
Jess studied for her PhD at University College London (UCL), where she focused upon chronic wound care. This was a BBSRC Case Studentship, partially funded by CoDa Therapeutics Inc, a biotech company with a topical drug candidate NEXAGON® developed for the treatment of venous leg and diabetic foot ulcers in phase II clinical trials. Prior to this she received her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Bristol. Although primarily in charge of marketing for Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) and the OneStart programme, she also wishes to encourage a greater sense of community among the young entrepreneurs in both networks. In her spare time Jess enjoys cooking, and baking elaborate cakes.
John Daley OneStart Chairman
John is a JD student at Stanford Law School ('16) and has managed the OneStart biotech business plan competition since the inaugural competition in 2013, while studying a Masters in Neuroscience at Oxford. He completed his undergraduate degree at McGill University, studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. He hopes to work with emerging companies, particularly representing life science startups.
Yvette Lu SVP Business Development
Yvette graduated from Medical Science, University of Oxford with a D.Phil. in Oncology. She has been a member of Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable since 2011 when it began in Oxford. Before her return to OBR, she was briefly trained by McKinsey & Co, London and later worked in a large technology venture capitalist firm, focusing on digital health in the IoT space. Yvette is originally from Taiwan, and has been living in the UK since 2007. She’s a two-time all-round gold medallist of Taiwan’s national collegiate gymnastics championship and produced 2 worldwide and UK registered drug patents for child cancer (leukaemia) when she worked in the pharma industry. She’s immensely proud how OBR has contributed to the transformation of a vibrant academia-industry scene in the healthcare sector cross atlantic and humbled and energised by everyone she has the pleasure to work with.

In her free time Yvette enjoys learning Renaissance art and history, hiking and adventurous sport such as paragliding.
Scientific Advisory Board
Graham Richards, C.B.E, MA, D.Phil, D.Sc., C.Chem, FRSC University of Oxford
Prof Graham Richards is a former Head of Chemistry at the University of Oxford and a council member at both the Royal Society of Chemistry & the Royal Institution. He has authored 300 scientific articles & 15 books, and has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Mullard Award, Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Prize, the Italgas Prize & the Award of the American Chemical Society for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. His business ventures include co-founding Oxford Molecular, and helping to establish Oxford’s technology transfer office, Isis Innovations.
Sir Gregory Winter, FRS University of Cambridge
Sir Gregory Winter graduated from Trinity College in 1973 and will become Master of the College in October 2012. He is a genetic engineer and best known for his research and inventions relating to therapeutic antibodies. His research career was based at the Medical Research Council’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, and he was until recently the Deputy Director. He has won numerous scientific awards, and also founded three biotech companies: Cambridge Antibody Technology in 1989 (bought by AstraZeneca), Domantis in 2000 (bought by GSK) and Bicycle Therapeutics in 2009.
Professor Hagan Bayley, PhD, FRSC, FRS University of Oxford
Prof Bayley is the Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford. He enjoys working at the interface of chemistry and biology by, for example, developing techniques for protein modification that have applications in both basic science and biotechnology. Professor Bayley founded Oxford Nanopore Technology, which spun from the University of Oxford in 2005. To date, the Company has raised nearly £75 million in six rounds of private funding, from a combination of private and institutional investors.
Dr Simcha Jong Lecturer in Management Science and Innovation, University College London
Simcha is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Management Science and Innovation at University College London. He is a principal investigator on a number of research projects that focus on enhancing our understanding of the innovative and competitive dynamics governing new science-based industries in fields such as biotechnology. Simcha’s work has been published in international management journals such as Industrial and Corporate Change and Research Policy as well as practitioner oriented publications such as Nature Biotechnology. Simcha was elected Honorary Cambridge University European Trust Scholar and was awarded several grants and awards for his research including the first prize in the PRIME Early Career Competition and a DIME WP European Framework Grant for qualitative research on university entrepreneurship.
Dr Marc Ventresca Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Dr Marc Ventresca is an organisational and economic sociologist who teaches strategy, leadership and organisation theory at Oxford’s Saïd Business School with a focus on innovation and on how new markets get built. He also works as Senior Scholar with Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University. Marc holds a lead faculty role in research and teaching initiatives focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. His research investigates governance innovation among global financial markets, entrepreneurial leadership in knowledge- and information-intensive organisations, and value creation in emerging ecosystem services markets.

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