A global organization of innovators founded in 2011, with a fundamental mission:

To connect industry and academia together in order to move ideas forward.

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We move ideas forward via our five arms:
Why join OBR?
Benefits to industrial experts:

  • Instantly connect with our vast global member network of 25,000 academics and industrialists.
  • Gain access to young entrepreneurs across the world’s leading biotech hubs, establish dialogues and source new innovation at the bleeding edge of the industry.
  • Fill your vacancies with elite candidates hand-picked from world-leading academic institutions by advertising on OBR's Golgi platform.
  • Commission teams of elite academics to provide fresh insight and unrivalled innovation on consulting projects in strategy, landscaping and more.
  •  Give back to the ecosystem by empowering and inspiring academics to give rise to subsequent generations of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Benefits to academics:

  • Stay informed about the state-of-the-art trends and developments in the life sciences sector via the Roundtable Review, and hear first-hand from the trailblazers responsible for sculpting these changes at our workshops and panel discussions.
  • Participate in high-impact strategy consulting projects with our clients at the forefront of the industry - including top-10 pharma companies, elite academic institutions and leading government bodies.
  • Meet, network and share your ideas with our industry partners at one of the dozens of free events we hold every year.
  • Access unique entrepreneurship opportunities, designed to help you gain exposure for your healthcare startup and move your ideas forward. 
  • Kickstart your career in scientific journalism (and build incredible connections for the future) by taking advantage of one of the fantastic writing opportunities available at the Roundtable Review.

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