OBR Consulting leverages our vast network of elite academics to deliver outstanding value on cutting-edge initiatives for our clients at the forefront of academia, industry and government.

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Our tailored consulting teams thrive on unraveling complex challenges to create high-impact solutions, which make a real difference to our clients every time.


Do you have an initiative requiring fresh strategic insight from the intersection of industry, academia and beyond? Challenge Us.

OBR’s unique approach to delivering value:

The core of each OBR consulting project is a tailored team of high-calibre PhD students and post-docs, strategically hand-picked from world-leading academic institutions to meet our clients’ requirements. Our teams work extensively with highly experienced OBR project managers to define and address the complex challenges our clients are facing.

This approach, combined with OBR’s campus diversity, geographical reach, scope of knowledge, and scale of talent, means that we are uniquely suited to address problems others cannot.

Our approach offers a wide range of advantages:
Tapping into top academic talent
We draw our team members from our global talent pool of over 25,000 students at world-leading institutions, in a highly rigorous recruiting procedure that attracts a minimum of 20 applicants for each available position. All of our team members hold, or are working towards, advanced degrees (PhD, MD, MBA, JD).
Harnessing the power of academic expertise

We firmly believe that our vast pool of academic talent is one of OBR’s greatest assets. The carefully selected PhDs and postdocs who comprise our consulting teams are bright, motivated and resourceful individuals who invariably offer a fresh perspective on established thinking, and a uniquely entrepreneurial mindset - not to mention insider knowledge of cutting-edge developments within science, medicine, policy and new business models.

To ensure all projects are delivered professionally and to the highest standard, all project teams are led by an experienced, professional OBR project manager.

Unrivalled access to talent, innovation and primary information

Two of the many assets unique to OBR Consulting - our 25,000-strong global membership base, and our extensive partner network - offer our clients instant access to a vast community spanning industry, academia and beyond, preselected for its interest in (and expertise on) business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to leveraging this extensive network to solicit innovation, opinion and insider knowledge for our clients, we are also uniquely suited to provide you with a first-hand preview of high-quality talent for your recruitment pipeline.

Tailored project teams

Our broad geographical reach and deep membership pool allow us to draw academics from the bleeding-edge of a diverse range of disciplines (including the life sciences, physical sciences, legal and finance fields, to name but a few) – allowing us to synthesize multidisciplinary, high-impact teams which exactly meet your needs.

Unparalleled flexibility

In addition to constructing teams with the precise blend of capabilities necessary to meet your requirements, our distinct approach to consulting also offers:

  • Broad expertise across industry and academia, enabling us to readily tackle initiatives spanning a wide selection of fields.
  • Short project lead-times (we can have a high-calibre team assembled and ready to start work in as little as two weeks).
  • Project deliverables tailored to your needs – just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.
Minimal client time commitment

We recognize that our clients’ most important resource is often their time – therefore, our services (and our deliverables) are optimized to ensure we consume as few of your man-hours as possible, whilst still delivering truly outstanding results.

Outstanding value

OBR’s extensive market experience and vast network of expertise, together with our unique approach to consulting, mean we can offer outstanding service at several-fold lower cost than traditional consultancies.

Consistent high-quality results – We’re deeply committed to delivering outstanding quality every single time – and it shows. See what our clients have to say about us.

Competency areas

Our deep understanding of the market, together with our ability to recruit tailored teams from an incredibly diverse talent pool means we are able to address projects across a wide range of areas (and beyond).

Understanding emerging business models
The life sciences industry is undergoing a transition as R&D and other services are increasingly outsourced, universities and small companies are increasingly important sources of innovation and online market places are increasingly important sources of innovation and online market places are replacing traditional service companies. We are perfectly placed to track the latest developments in the market through our extensive network of universities, small companies and large players.
Product portfolio / market opportunity analysis
With over 30,000 potential consultants to call upon, we can find specialists in any field. This helps us to really understand the products you offer and therefore to offer an in-depth analysis of your product portfolio and to recommend creative but realistic new market opportunities.   
Market landscaping / due diligence
We have extensive experience of recruiting teams of consultants to provide fresh insight into a wide variety of markets. Our close connections to academia and industry means we have excellent access to key opinion leaders, while our past experience means we can move quickly and efficiently to deliver excellent results.
Sourcing creative / entrepreneurial talent worldwide
The OBR network is full of the top talent from world-leading academic and research institutions. There is a huge demand for careers in scientific industries, and we can help you to connect with the perfect candidates to suit your recruiting requirements.
Sourcing early stage innovation
The movement towards outsourced R&D has created a strong need to source early stage innovations to remain ahead of the competition. We can connect you directly to leading researchers in your areas of strategic interest, and source pre-IP innovations that often have not even been disclosed to the institution’s technology transfer office.

See our Case Studies, for examples of high-impact projects we have delivered across each of these areas.

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