OBR Consulting offers a truly unique opportunity for high-calibre researchers and students to gain experience in high-impact consultancy projects at the intersection of science, business and entrepreneurship.

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Since our founding in 2011, more than hundreds of talented academics have joined OBR’s elite consulting teams – and together, we’ve delivered outstanding results on numerous projects for our clients at the leading edge of industry, academia and beyond (and had great fun along the way).

Why join an OBR consulting team?

OBR Consulting is a unique platform, designed to offer academics unrivalled experience in solving real-life problems within healthcare and the life sciences, whilst seeing complex, industry-defining projects through from start to finish. No matter which project you work on as an OBR Consultant, we can guarantee that you will always:

  • Gain real-world experience of business and industry – Our projects will provide you with a first-hand introduction both to the dynamic world of consulting, and the fast-moving, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
  • Experience significant client contact – Being involved in an OBR Consulting project invariably involve significant (in fact, often daily) contact with experts, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders in industry, academia and government – not to mention our clients themselves. Unlike most academic consultancies, we empower our team members with a high degree of autonomy and client interaction from day one - indeed, within the space of a few short weeks, many of our consultants have found themselves presenting on, and discussing strategy directly with senior management at world-leading companies.
  • Make a real difference – The majority of our projects are based around developing mission-critical strategies for our clients – so it’s highly likely the work you produce will have a real (and often highly significant) impact on the way an industry-leading company or elite academic institution operates in the future. Our teams typically present their interim and final results to senior management.
  • Be part of a great team – You’ll be working as part of an elite multidisciplinary team of academics, carefully sourced from world-leading institutions in order to precisely meet clients requirements. Working in such a high-calibre environment will drive you to perform at your peak to deliver truly outstanding results – and you’re guaranteed to learn a phenomenal amount from your team-mates (and make some great friends) along the way.
  • Learn, and develop a highly transferable skillset – Many of the skills you’ll gain will vary from one project to the next. But whatever project you’re working on, we can guarantee that you’ll learn to work as part of a small and dynamic team in order to deliver outstanding results, to keep to strict deadlines, and to write / present your findings in a manner highly relevant to industry. We’ll also give you structured feedback on your performance, so your development continues not only throughout the project, but beyond it as well.
  • Set yourself apart from your peers – Ultimately, each of our projects represents a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself from the thousand of others entering the job market. Not many candidates vying for an entry-level position can claim they’ve helped sculpt a major development strategy for a leading biopharmaceutical company, or undertaken a major study into academic policy (and later published their findings in a world-renowned scientific journal) – but OBR Consulting candidates can.

Sound good? We think so too. But don’t take our word for it – see what previous OBR Consulting alumni have to say about their experiences:

Do you have what it takes to be an OBR Consultant?

OBR Consultants stand apart from the crowd.
We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results every time. And that requires outstanding people. All OBR consultants are exceptional individuals who:

  • Are bright, resourceful and ambitious - displaying the ability to work seamlessly as part of an elite team, whilst simultaneously thriving when entrusted with a high level of individual responsibility.
  • Are currently pursuing a PhD, MBA or postdoc at a top academic institution.
  • Possess unbridled curiosity - endeavouring to learn and understand as much as possible about industry, academia and the intersection between the two.
  • Welcome the unknown, and are comfortable trying new and challenging things - for example presenting and justifying your findings to senior management of a major pharmaceutical company, or the CEO of an up-and-coming biotech startup.
  • Are highly self-motivated and results-driven, willing to adapt to the shifting demands of this fast-paced industry to deliver phenomenal outcomes every time – whatever it takes.

Does this describe you? If so, we’d love to have you on board. Take a look at our currently open projects on Golgi to see if anything catches your eye (you’ll need to register for a Golgi account in order to apply).

Note: At OBR Consulting, we typically offer two positions to academics – Consultant and Project Manager. In addition to fulfilling the same duties as their consultant peers, project managers take on a number of extra responsibilities - including organising the team to meet deadlines, and taking ownership of project strategy and deliverables.

Whilst both positions require candidates with fantastic credentials (not to mention each of the qualities listed above), our Project Managers are invariably a cut above the rest – in fact, many of our Project Managers are OBR Consulting alumni, who have returned for further projects.

You’re in good company.
The exceptional calibre we expect in our candidates (not to mention our highly rigorous recruiting process) mean that new OBR Consultants are joining an exclusive crowd of PhDs, MBAs and postdocs, largely sourced from the world’s leading academic institutions…

…so in addition to all of the above, we can guarantee that as an OBR Consultant, you’ll always be surrounded by fantastic people who are similarly dedicated to our mission of delivering exceptional results, every time. Join us.

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